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Hostshare Beta is Here 🎉

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Shared by Devon • October 23, 2023

First off, a huge thank you for being an early adopter and joining us at this exciting stage. We're currently in our Beta phase, with select features live and a whole lot more on the horizon. As we hustle for a full-scale rollout, your support is invaluable!

What does beta mean for you?

  • Feature Releases: Some features are ready to go, but there will be fresh functionality releasing every couple of weeks.
  • Potential Bugs: While we've polished the platform as best we can, some sneaky bugs might have slipped through. If you spot any, please make sure to report them.
  • Feedback: Your suggestions not only help in ironing out the kinks, but also in deciding what cool features we prioritize and build next.
  • Beta Benefits: While we're in beta, enjoy our service on the house! And once we have our grand unveiling in early 2024, we're not forgetting our trailblazers – expect a sweet discount for your first year.

👇 Here's the lowdown on what's live and what's next:

Priority #1: Create your listing and get it approved

Simply pop in your Airbnb link to set up your listing. Once it's approved, you're all set with 21 nights of free stays!

🟢 Also Available Now:

  • Onboard & Set Up: Dive in and start customizing your account.
  • Profile Customization: Make your Hostshare profile uniquely yours.
  • ID Verification: Ensure your identity is verified for everyone's peace of mind.
  • Listing Creation: Currently, you can link your listing directly from Airbnb. Other platforms and manual listing options are on the way!
  • Listing Verification: Collaborate with our team to get your listing verified, approved, and unlock your 21 nights of fabulous, free travel.

🔜 On the Horizon:

1. View & Search Listings: Discover and explore available listings. (Coming: Nov 2023)

2. Book Your Free Stays: Start planning your escapes and enjoying your free nights. (Launching: Jan 2024)

3. Official Launch: We're gearing up to step out of beta, better than ever. (Early 2024)

Helpful Beta Links

Spot any bugs 🐞? Report them here.
Got a brilliant feature idea? Share it here.
Stay in the loop with our progress by checking out our roadmap.

Cheers to new adventures with Hostshare! 🚀