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Shared by Devon β€’ March 01, 2024

Hostshare's Landmark Release: Last-Minute Stays Are Here!

We're excited to announce a game-changing update from Hostshare! Experience the convenience of booking last-minute stays, paying only the cleaning fee. This pioneering feature is initially rolling out to US hosts with approved listings, as we anticipate introducing more enhancements in the near future.

What's New?
For the first time ever, you can make a booking on Hostshare. Reminder that you can only book "last minute stays" which are stays only available within the next 5 days (aka the booking window).

  • Discover and Book: Seamlessly search for properties, choose dates, and book your stay.
  • Free Night Stays: Utilize the free nights credited to your account for each approved listing.
  • Notifications: Email notification system ensure everyone involved in a booking is informed and connected for smooth check-in and checkout arrangements.
  • Manage Your Bookings: Both travelers and hosts now have the ability to view and manage booked trips and upcoming bookings, respectively.
  • Search Filters: Now filter your searches only to show you listings that are available to book within the next 5 days.
  • Admin Side Enhancements: We've upgraded our admin tools to better facilitate transactions and support our community during this early phase. These improvements allow us to more effectively assist with bookings, ensuring a smooth experience for both hosts and travelers.

Upcoming Features:

As we celebrate this initial rollout, we appreciate your patience and feedback. We're committed to refining and expanding our booking system with more features very soon:

  • Flexible Cancellation Policy: Currently set to a strict 24-hour window, we're looking to offer customizable options soon.
  • Check-In/Checkout Times: Set globally at 4pm and 10am local time, with plans to make these adjustable.
  • Comprehensive Stay Details: Expect additions like house rules, check-in/out instructions, and more for a seamless guest experience.
  • Payment and Payout Management: Soon, you'll be able to easily set up and manage your financial transactions.
  • Richer Listing Information: More details and photos are on the way to provide a fuller picture of each booking option.
  • Global Expansion: We're gearing up to welcome international listings to our platform.
  • Advanced Search Capabilities: Enhancements for a more intuitive property search are in development.
  • Mobile Optimization: We're working diligently to ensure the entire app is fully optimized for mobile use.

Helpful Beta Links & Roadmap

Below is our updated beta roadmap:

Reminder for Beta Users...

Your beta offer of 12 months of free access is set to expire soon - get your listing approved ASAP!

To unlock your 12 months of free access and 21 nights of free stays, here’s what we still need from you:

For all things beta - check out our guide here.

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Stay in the loop with our progress by checking out our roadmap.

Cheers to new adventures with Hostshare! πŸš€